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Benefits Overview

At Aegis, we care about you beyond the hours that you work for us. We believe in a holistic approach to providing benefits for each and every employee so that you will be able to bring your best selves to work each day. We do this by having an inclusive set of benefits to help you rest, recover, renew, recharge and retire well.

Health Plans

Aegis offers medical insurance through various healthcare providers, giving employees access to a vast network of primary care physicians, specialists and hospitals. We offer plans tailored to fit your family’s medical needs, with premiums that are below industry averages. We also offer comprehensive dental and vision insurance.  

Live Well

Aegis is committed to investing in the health of our employees, spouses, and family members. Our goal is to provide benefit offerings that demonstrate employees’ value to the company, provide a sense of protection, and allow employees take an active role in health care decision making. When our employees are healthy, when they feel good, it’s more than just physical health. Our wellness programs also incorporate financial wellbeing, mental and emotional health, and occupational safety.

Time For You

As a family company, we want to ensure that everyone on our team enjoys time away from work. We offer generous paid time off (PTO). At Aegis, we ensure we offer you the support at whatever life phase you and your family are in.

Beyond Your Paycheck

Financial wellbeing is a critical part of employees’ overall health, and a big focus of Aegis’s benefit program. We believe that providing benefits that allow employees to best leverage their paycheck creates a healthier workforce. Here’s a summary of how Aegis’s benefits cover you, your family and your future:

  • Health Insurance

  • Dental PPO

  • Vison PPO

  • Generous life insurance

  • Accident Protector 

  • Income Protector

  • Rewards for employee referrals

  • Student loan refinancing available & Educational (tuition) assistance

  • No-cost Personal Protection Equipment 

  • PTO donation and Paid Family Leave

  • 401k with generous employer contribution

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