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– Jason Hartman

AEGIS Development Group is a multi-faceted construction and management firm based in the Palm Beach, Florida area. We offer personalized, professional service in a cost-effective and timely approach while ensuring all standards of quality are met.  With our vast experience in commercial projects, coupled with decades of combined experience from the leaders, we will continue to ensure our customers’ needs are met while also being satisfied with the end results.  Our goal is to always exceed our customer’s expectations.


At AEGIS Development Group, we specialize in three main areas of the construction field that we are sure will help your ideas or projects materialize into a success story.  These areas of focus are: 

  • Commercial Construction

  • Program & Construction Management (Owner Representative)

  • Property Management & Maintenance


AEGIS Development Group is quickly being recognized in the industry because of the quality work we perform and the competitive value we offer.  With excellent relationships with a large base of subcontractors, we provide our clients with best value and top-quality results. Our commitment to client satisfaction is key to the success of your project.


AEGIS Development Group continues to offer a diverse workforce of skilled and dedicated professionals who possess the specific experiences and knowledge our client's demand. AEGIS Development Group will always work hard to ensure our reputation and brand continues to grow by providing exemplary customer service and quality.

“Your personal brand is a promise to your clients... a promise of quality, consistency, competency, and reliability.”

We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about AEGIS Development Group, and look forward to learning more about your needs and how we may be able to help.

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